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Horizon Zero Dawn Fan Reimagines The Game As A PS1 Demake

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Demaking a video game is almost as popular as remaking one these days, with several very talented indivudals reimagining popular titles as if they were first released on older systems.

The most high-profile demake was undoubtedly the PS1 demake of Bloodborne by developer Lilith Walther, which rocketed up to 100,000 downloads when it was first made available earlier this year.

Well, Bloodborne is no longer the only PlayStation property to get the demake treatment as Redditor ZeoNyph has reimagined Horizon Zero Dawn as a PS1 game, and it looks pretty spectacular.

ZeoNyph uploaded a short video to Reddit earlier this week, complete with a wonderfully retro title screen that they use to get to the gameplay.

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