Hogwarts Legacy side quests: Full list & how to find all side missions

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It will never be said that there isn’t enough to do in Hogwarts Legacy, and its exhaustive list of side quests is testament to how much content has been stuffed into this open-world Harry Potter game.

There are 57 side quests in the game – 58 on PlayStation thanks to its exclusive Minding Your Own Business mission. While you will need to find each side quest location and have fulfilled certain criteria to unlock them, you are able to complete them whenever you like.

You can even complete side quests after finishing the main story and its list of chapters. The game’s ending shouldn’t be impacted in any meaningful way by completing or not completing side quests, so it’s all open to be done in your own time.

Completing side quests will help you unlock cool gear and to level up quickly so you can earn talent points to improve your character.

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