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Hilarious Fallout 4 Clip Shows Player Destroying Ancient Behemoth With a Paddle Ball Toy

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Fallout fans have been trying new techniques to defeat the many enemies of the series' bestiary since the beginning, and that's no different with the Fallout 4 community.

One Fallout 4 player has decided to see what would happen if they took on an Ancient Behemoth with a Paddle Ball toy.Reddit user Shepard_90 recently posted a clip of their strangeFallout 4 build that includes a Quantum Paddle Ball weapon with unlimited ammo.

Because of how they spent their perks, this Paddle Ball battle with an Ancient Behemoth is even more interesting than manyfans anticipate as the player's attacks are not only effective, but they don't take much damage due to some of the best armor in Fallout 4.

While the encounter is an arduous 30-seconds for the Fallout 4 player, Shepard_90 is able to destroy the Ancient Behemoth using only the aforementioned toy.Fallout 4 Fan Creates Replica Pipe RevolverShepard_90's Fallout 4 clip begins with the player running through a trench in the vast Boston commonwealth landscape that makes up most of the game's open world.

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