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Gamers Are Being Weirdos About Spider-Man's Water, Again

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I can't believe that we're doing this again, but gamers are being weirdos about Spider-Man 2's water, apparently not remembering how silly they looked after the first game's infamous "puddlegate incident".

Spider-Man fans were treated to a long-overdue look at Spider-Man 2 a few days ago during the PlayStation Showcase, which finally confirmed that Peter will get the Symbiote suit and a whole host of new abilities alongside it.

The footage ended with a cinematic setpiece that featured Miles and Peter swinging above the waters of Queens and being chased by the Lizard and, while most fans were impressed with the sequence, it seems that some are choosing to repeat history and focus on a minor graphical detail.

Related: Spider-Man 2's Symbiote Suit Is Puddlegate All Over Again Twitter user Dream_Walker shared a small clip from the gameplay reveal of Miles swimming around in the water, with the caption, "Look at the water!

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