Fortnite: The Paths Of Nindo Guide

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Fortnite is once again collaborating with the Naruto Shippuden series! This is exciting not only for Naruto fans but for just about any Fortnite player because it's a chance to earn free cosmetic items.

RELATED: Fortnite: The Best Reasons To Play Chapter 3 Season 3 This time around the quests will work a bit differently and they might be a bit tougher to understand, however, you will have plenty of time to get through them and get your rewards.

Don't worry, in this article, we'll go over everything you need to know to sign up for the Paths of Nindo and how to complete the different paths. To participate in the Paths of Nindo event you'll have to sign up through Epic Games. This means that you have to visit the official Paths of Nindo event page and log in with your Epic Account.

This is so Epic Games can keep track of your in-game stats during the time of the event and this is how you will be accurately rewarded for your efforts.

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