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First ever HR image of Earth's interior, 3,000 KM below surface, captured; may unravel mystery of earthquakes, volcanoes

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We do get new updates and unseen visuals almost on a daily basis for outer Space including galaxies, formation of stars, black holes, asteroids, comets and more.

But when it comes to knowing about our own planet Earth and its interior, then there is a scarcity of visuals of any kind. However, that may have changed as a joint research project from the UK has published a study into one of the least known parts of the Earth's interior - the core, mantle, and boundary.

The research has shared the highest quality image of the Earth's interior so far!The research on Earth's interior has made interesting and valuable observations into the ultra-low velocity zone that lies around 3,000 KM below the Earth's surface using new imaging techniques.

So far, we just have an idea about this untraveled area of Earth from analyzing seismic waves that flow through the planet. Without any proper visual, it has been difficult to make much more sense of the layers of Earth beyond some grainy images which make it difficult to analyse.Thanks to the new study by the University of Cambridge, now the study of the mantle below Hawaii has produced more high-definition images.

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