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FIFA, Call of Duty, Mario Kart to GTA, 10 Best Video Games of all time revealed

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With the gaming industry on an upwards trajectory for the past two decades, video games have become a cultural phenomenon that has surpassed many other forms of entertainment.

Not just for kids, video games have become a medium that not only provides hours of fun and entertainment, but also transcend beyond that and offer a deeper immersive, experience for players.

Unlike traditional forms of media such as books and movies, video games allow players to actively participate in the story. This immersion makes the experience much more personal and memorable for players.A recent survey carried out by through OnePoll has revealed the 10 best video games of all time.The survey also revealed that 38 percent of gamers felt the best thing about video games is being able to play with others while 17 percent enjoyed it simply because they are good at them.Although dozens of games are released each year, none have been better or have had a more cultural impact than these 10 games.

The results of the survey revealed that FIFA was the best video game of all time. The series has been produced by EA SPORTS for over 20 years now and is the largest sports video game franchise on the planet.Released in 1992 and 1990 respectively, Mario Kart and Super Mario World rounded up the top 3 spots.From the likes of FIFA, Mario Kart, Call of Duty, Tetris to Pac Man.

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