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FIFA 23 leaks hint at Juan Cuadrado World Cup Moments card coming soon to Ultimate Team

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A new Juan Cuadrado World Cup Moments card is set to arrive in FIFA 23 if the latest leaks are to be believed. The new leak comes from reliable leaker FUT Sheriff, who has been extremely accurate with his insider reveals so far.

While not much is known about the upcoming card, it has got the community excited about what's to come.Plenty of special cards have been added to FIFA 23 so far on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup.

These cards are accessible to players in different forms, with some of them available as SBCs. It's unclear how the Juan Cuadrado World Cup Moments card will be available, but the strongest possibility appears to be as an SBC.If it releases via SBC, every player will have an equal chance of obtaining it in-game.

While SBCs sometimes cost more, they take away the reliance on luck as players can be sure about the rewards they will get. This allows players to ensure that any addition to their Ultimate Team squad is worth their investment.The current stats of the Juan Cuadrado World Cup Moments card in FIFA 23 are unknown.

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