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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Black Friday Flash Challenge 1 SBC: How to complete, expected costs, and more

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Black Friday is a momentous occasion in the game cycle of FIFA every year, and it is no different for FIFA 23. EA Sports has already begun the festivities celebrating the event, releasing a brand new Road to the World Cup squad in packs, as well as several themed SBCs, including the iconic Flash Challenges that are synonymous with Black Friday in FIFA Ultimate Team.These Flash Challenges are SBCs that are released for very short durations of time and are replaced by newer ones when they expire.

They provide a variety of rewards in FUT, which can either be pack-based, cosmetics, or special player items. EA kickstarted proceedings with Pre-Black Friday Flash SBCs a day before the event and has now started releasing the primary content for the promo.The release of the 'Best of' Team of the Week and Road to the World Cup squads is just the beginning of the Black Friday event in FIFA 23.

There will be several 'Lightning Rounds' where special and expensive promo packs will be released in limited amounts in the FUT store.

This is an iconic aspect of Black Friday in Ultimate Team, alongside the release of special Flash SBCs.This is a rewarding and intriguing way to keep gamers engaged throughout the event.

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