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How to earn FUT World Cup Swaps 3 tokens in FIFA 23?

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The FUT World Cup Swaps 3 tokens are now available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and this is the third set of unique items made available in the game.

These tokens will be used in the FUT World Cup Swaps program, which went live on November 11.The program has introduced exceptional rewards for players, including FIFA World Cup Stars cards with 32 additions from qualified nations, allowing them to improve their squads.

Players can obtain player packs and World Cup Icons with these tokens.That's why players must know how to get these tokens in the first place.

There are different ways the tokens have been handed out, and EA Sports has followed the release in batches. FUT World Cup Swaps 3 is the third instance where more tokens have been added, and FIFA 23 players can now assess the tasks by which they can collect these cards.The FUT World Cup Swaps 3 tokens are the third set of rewards, and it has added five new ones.

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