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Ezra Miller Ran An Alleged Cult From An Iceland Airbnb

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The worrisome number of incidents and accusations leveraged against Ezra Miller continue to pile on, with the actor now being singled out due to older accounts allegedly running a cult-like environment at an Airbnb in Iceland back in 2020.Fresh off Warner Bros.

Discovery’s first earnings call under the new corporate banner, which included renovated plan to change how the company has handled its DC brands, this reports only adds up to the growing list of offenses allegedly committed by Miller that the studio has to deal with.

Miller was first arrested in March due to an altercation at a bar in Hawaii, which they then followed up with another arrest for second-degree assault, plus they face several accusations of grooming teenagers and even holding a family hostage in Vermont.Batgirl Is Cancelled: What Does This Mean For The Future Of The DCEU?The latest scandal involving Miller actually dates back over two years ago, as Insider (via Uproxx) reports the actor went to Reykjavik in early 2020 after filming for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore was halted due to the pandemic.

There, an anonymous woman declared the actor lived in a cult-like environment, almost like a “commune” with several people living in the Airbnb rented by the actor, who apparently had a short-lived relationship with an 18-year-old woman at a time when they were 27.According to testimony from the same young woman, Miller’s behavior was rather toxic as “Nobody ever was kind of allowed to disagree with them,” alleging that during that period several friends and artists lived at the Airbnb, some of them teenagers who supposedly also had sexual relationships with them.

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