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Every I Think You Should Leave sketch, ranked

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I Think You Should Leave is returning for a third season on Netflix, and frankly, that’s fantastic. Writer-comedian Tim Robinson’s situational sketch comedy series has firmly established itself as one of the best series on television for its idiosyncratic characters, deadpan weirdness, and easily quotable jokes and catchphrases that have lodged themselves in the zeitgeist of the internet through countless gifs, memes, and remixes.

If you’re new to the show and want to burn through the first two seasons before the third premieres on Tuesday, you’re in luck: Every episode clocks in just shy of 20 minutes and can be leisurely dusted off in a weekend. “But Toussaint and Zosha,” you rhetorically ask, “what are the best sketches from I Think You Should Leave that I should watch first?” Good question, hypothetical Polygon reader.

To answer, we’ve put on our thinking caps, crunched the numbers, plotted out a complicated and scientifically definitive ranking of each sketch from the series, and organized them into tiers.

We picked tiers for a specific reason: The truth is, there’s no such thing as a bad time with ITYSL. Robinson’s comedic stylings are always sharp, and his distinct energy that can completely explode or be fully contained in a single instant guides the show well enough that every sketch, zany or mundane, gets laughs.

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