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Elden Ring Fans Discuss The Most Terrifying Lore From Living Jars To Land Octopi

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The world of Elden Ring is a pretty scary place. If it's not some white-masked dude accusing you of being maidenless it's a giant golden knight trying to take your head off or an even bigger dragon swooping in to eat you and a bunch of zombies.

We're not even ten steps towards a demigod with a grafting fetish and I already wanna go home, dive into bed, and hide under the covers.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg for the terrors lurking in the Lands Between. Over on the Elden Ring subreddit, Tarnished are sharing scary stories about the most horrifying lore that you might have missed, starting with what might be the scariest enemy in the game.

Related: FromSoftware Is Not For Everyone No, it's not the revenant--it's the land octopus. That's according to user Kasta4, who dives deep into the tentacled horror's lore. "For me it's the idea that the Land Octopi reproduce exclusively by consuming humans.

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