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Dragon Ball: The One Thing Vegeta Might Be Better at Than Goku

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Goku and Vegeta start out as mortal enemies, but slowly their relationship blossoms into a brotherly bond, united by their Saiyan roots.

Fatherhood blesses both young men and, each with two bundles of joy to look after, priorities have to be established, with the ultimatum boiling down to family, or fighting.With Saiyan blood urging both warriors towards combat, it seemed that the outcome would obviously lean towards violence, and child-rearing would inevitably be left to the women.

However, only one Z-Fighter overcomes his baser urge to fight to be with his family, showing some of the most significant character development in Dragon Ball Z.Dragon Ball Super: Are Pan and Piccolo the Next Epic The Z-Fighter Combo?Son Gohan is the golden child, having received the most attention, out of the two brothers, from Goku.

However, this father-son relationship could be described as relatively toxic, as Gohan is constantly being pushed to follow in Goku's footsteps, regardless of his unmistakable aversion to combat.

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