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Dragon Ball Super Finally Gives Goku Classic Saiyan Battle Armor

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Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 84 ahead! In the heat, smoke, and fire of battle, no sight struck a deeper fear in opponents than the blue, white and gold of Saiyan battle armor, but surprisingly Goku has never donned the telltale sign of Saiyan warriors until a recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Like the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Saiyans have developed into one of the pre-eminent military societies and cultures in Universe 7.

Their fighting ferocity is literally a basic element of their DNA. Understanding their military effectiveness, after conquering and destroying their home planet of Vegeta, Frieza compelled the Saiyans to serve in his army.

As part of the Frieza Force, the Saiyans were provided a unique battle armor that allowed them to achieve their fullest potential in battle.

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