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Divine Sunderer changes hit the League of Legends PBE patch 12.13 cycle: Hybrid penetration reduced, pre-mitigation healing increased

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Divine Sunderer changes seem to have made their way to the League of Legends PBE (public beta environment) patch 12.13 cycle.

Riot Games might be looking to tweak some of the core itemizations that the AD bruisers in the MOBA are looking to primarily opt into in Season 12.For picks like Camille, Viego, and Jax, the Divine Sundered Mythic item is one of the major powerspikes in the game that they can use, as it has proven to be most reliable in pro play and standard matchmaking.Teaks to some of the item’s passive stats have reached the League of Legends test server, where Riot is looking to scale down its overall hybrid penetration while buffing the amount of pre-mitigation damage that champions can obtain from it.The sheen damage will also be adjusted accordingly, and Riot will be shaking up the top lane and jungle bruiser meta as it stands today.Before mentioning the changes that have made their way to Divine Sunderer, it’s important to note here that the tweaks present in the PBE may not reflect completely in the official patch.Before shipping the final product with 12.13, which is set to arrive in two weeks, Riot will be testing everything out and making changes according to how it performs.It’s quite uncertain which direction Riot Games is looking to go in when it comes to balancing AD bruisers in the game.

However, It will be interesting to see the final changes made to Divine Sunderer before it hits the live servers with League of Legends patch 12.13, which is expected to go live on July 6, 2022, with the Star Guardian event.Q.

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