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Diablo Immortal Details Slate of Diablo IV and Lilith-Themed June Events and Rewards

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Diablo Immortal is preparing for Lilith’s arrival and Diablo IV’s launch in June. Among the offerings are the Season 14 Battle Pass: Children of Lilith, the Merciless Monstrosity event, and a brand new Legendary Gem: Mother’s Lament.

This new gem will give you a chance, when you do damage, to gain Maternal Disdain. While it lasts, this will give you a boost to critical hit chance.

When Maternal Disdain ends, there is one more surprise. You will release a blood spike towards nearby enemies, dealing damage and applying Bleed.

If that wasn’t enough, the Children of Lilith Battle Pass is coming to pay some respects to the dark matriarch. The Battle Pass also arrives on June 8th, with 40 ranks of challenges and rewards.

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