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Diablo 4 guide - How to salvage gear in the world of Sanctuary

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Diablo 4 will overwhelm players with loot that varies wildly in quality. With that in mind, you need to use the Salvage system liberally.

This gear will come with various rarities with different stats and abilities. Some of it will be useful to your current character, and others might be more valuable to your alts.While you cannot start using the Salvage system right away, it will eventually become key to your overall growth in Diablo 4.

If you’re confused or worried because you cannot immediately do this, do not fret. The important Salvage mechanic will unlock early into the main story.In Diablo 4, you must wait until you reach the first major city before you can unlock this feature.

The first town will not let you do this because you have to unlock it in Kyovashad.The first town you arrive in merely has a vendor - you need a Blacksmith.

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