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Deus Ex Could Reportedly Come Back To Beat Cyberpunk 2077

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The next Deus Ex game is reportedly attempting to surpassCyberpunk 2077. Since the acquisition of what was once Eidos Montreal from Square Enix by Embracer Group, fans have eagerly anticipated follow-ups to series that Square Enix casually discarded, such as Deus Ex and Legacy of Kain.

Knowing how much these games meant to fans, Embracer teased sequels and remakes for Deus Ex and other beloved IPs shortly after the deal.

Deus Ex was a cyberpunk-themed action RPG whose claim to fame was the way the player would use cybernetic augmentations to make their character stronger and gain new abilities.

Unfortunately, like many titles under the Eidos umbrella not namedTomb Raider, Deus Ex provided players with a solid experience but never received the financial love it needed to become overwhelmingly successful.

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