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Destiny 2 weekly reset (November 22 to 29): Season 18 epilogue, The Lightblade Nightfall, bonus Trials ranks, and more

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Destiny 2 Season of Plunder has approximately two weeks remaining, as Bungie recently announced details about the seasonal epilogue.

As previously mentioned by a variety of leakers, players will get to renovate the Eliksni Quarters by earning unique currencies.The upcoming reset will also bring The Lightblade Nightfall into the pool, alongside bonus Trials of Osiris ranks with all three game modes.

Lastly, the Crucible playlist will host Rift as the rotator game mode, alongside the Vault of Glass and Pit of Heresy as pinnacle activities.The following article will list all the upcoming content that players can look out for in the penultimate week of Season 18.For the epilogue, players need to run around different parts of the system to collect Captain's Coins and help both Spider and Mithrax build the Eliksni Quarters.

In their latest TWAB, Bungie shared details on what everyone can expect from the event, starting with activities, rewards, and much more.Captain's Coins will be made available via Lost Sectors, Destination Chests, public events, and seasonal activities, including Ketchcrash and Expedition.

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