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Destiny 2 Season of Plunder epilogue: Release date, time, missions, rewards, and more

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Despite only two weeks remaining, Destiny 2 is not done with Eliksni business in the current season. Each minute brings players closer to the weekly reset of the penultimate week in Season 18 and the long-awaited epilogue.In the most recent TWAB, Bungie revealed numerous details on their plans to close off the season.

To summarize what players can expect from the event, the developer will let everyone participate in different activities to gather a unique currency called Captain's Coins.

These can be further used to go through various levels and help the Eliksni improve their homes.Typically, there will be several Destiny 2 rewards tied to the objectives and missions.The Season of Plunder epilogue will be released alongside the upcoming weekly reset on November 22, 2022.

Players can expect the official servers to get the update at 9:00 am PST (UTC -8). The time zones for the weekly reset and the arrival of the epilogue in all significant regions are as follows:The event will go on for two weeks until December 6, 2022, the release date for the upcoming Season 19.

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