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Destiny 2 Leaks Green Subclass Element, New Super Icon

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Though there haven't been any major Destiny 2 leaks as of late, Bungie's flagship shooter is hardly immune to developers and supporting staff accidentally posting materials that they shouldn't have posted.

Even when something like that happens, it might end up being entirely innocuous and not particularly interesting, but this latest «leak» could have huge consequences for the future of the game.Namely, one of Bungie's many artists seems to have recently posted a Destiny 2 finisher animation video on their ArtStation profile, which is neither strange nor uncommon.

What is a big deal, however, is the fact that — for a split second — the artist's in-game HUD shows a selection of green abilities and an entirely new Super icon, suggesting that this may well be the community's first look at a new Destiny Darkness subclass.Bungie Lawyer Explains Why the Company Keeps Suing Cheaters and HarassersThough the artist in question took down their ArtStation post after members of the community caught wind of what was being shown, the video plainly shows a green ability subclass with placeholder ability icons and a unique, never-before-seen Super icon.

While Bungie has been quiet about the Lightfall DLC as of late, some members of the community are all but sure that Destiny 2 will be getting an entirely new ability subclass with the release of the expansion pack.

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