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Dead Island 2 leaks after Amazon listings reveal new details and 2023 release date

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Just like the zombies that’ll presumably shamble around in it, Dead Island 2 keeps clinging on to life. Newly posted product listings for the console versions on Amazon US have shed some dying light – sorry – on the eternally-in-development horror game, first announced eight years ago at E3 2014.

Here’s that infamous trailer once again, just for old times sake. Twitterer Wario64 shared details of Dead Island 2 from the game’s Amazon listings for PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles, including a release date of February 3rd, 2023.

The listings had the price set at $70 (£58). The full details and release date originally listed on Amazon’s pages have now been taken down, but not before they were shared online.

Here’s a description of the game, tweeted before the information was removed: Dead Island 2 description The info says there’ll be six different zombie slayers to choose from, all with their own dialogue.

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