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Corinna Kopf gets unbanned on Twitch a day after receiving suspension

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Twitch streamer and Instagram model Corinna Kopf was unbanned from Twitch after being suspended from the platform the day prior.Kopf tweeted out the email she received from Twitch notifying her of the ban, saying it was for a day and that the reason was for inappropriate attire worn on stream.Kopf was unbanned from Twitch after receiving a one-day suspension.

She tweeted out the notification of her ban that she received from Twitch, which included information that she was suspended for wearing inappropriate attire on her stream.She tweeted out the email she received from Twitch.The model later tweeted that she didn't know exactly what she was wearing that got her banned and lambasted the company's uneven enforcement of their rules and how they hand out bans.Kopf wasn't the only streamer banned for inappropriate attire that day, as TheDanDangler also received a ban following a stream of her in a bikini.

Other streamers who stream similar content have been banned since the beginning of May, as Twitch is seemingly trying to combat the controversial hot tub and bikini streams that have taken over the platform.As Kopf alluded to in her tweet, she has received suspensions from Twitch in the past.

The streamer received a suspension from the platform over a clip of her that was posted, which prompted her to sign an exclusivity deal with Facebook Gaming for two years.

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