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Why did Twitch ban multiple hot tub streamers including Corinna Kopf before unbanning them within a day?

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Hot tub streamers on Twitch might be under threat as the Amazon-owned platform doubles down on its rules against 'Nudity and Inappropriate Attire.' Twitch, one of the most prominent streaming platforms, recently handed bans to several hot tub streamers.

From Instagram model Corinna Kopf to SpoppyKitt, many popular hot tub streamers have been handed a temporary suspension due to a violation of Twitch's Nudity and Attire policy.Hot Tub streams have been one of the most controversial categories on the purple platform.

Now, amid a series of bans, many streamers, including Spoppy Kitt, are under the impression that the streaming platform is trying to erase this category altogether.

Subsequently, this has elicited quite a few criticisms from some prominent streamers in this category.Back in 2021, hot tub streaming seemed to be all the rage when it came to popularity.

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