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Convergence is a solid platformer in the League of Legends universe

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The newest Riot Forge game is another tale set in the League of Legends universe, stepping outside of the confines of the Summoner’s Rift to explore a smaller slice of the world.

Ruined Kingfocused on Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles, The Mageseeker was all about Demacia, and now we have a way to explore Zaun for ourselves.

Convergence: A League of LegendsStory (stylized asCONV/RGENCE) is the latest Riot Forge game, developed by Double Stallion. Convergence is an action-platformer in the vein of Castlevania or Metroid, and it centers on plucky protagonist Ekko.

It’s a solid game that can be beaten in a few sittings, packed with likable characters and tense boss fights. Some of the platforming can be a bit finicky, but luckily, I have a suite of gizmos on hand to get around the most difficult bits.

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