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Borderlands 4 Could Pull From Star Wars To Bring Back Maya

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Based on the way the Murder Mystery missions from Borderlands 3 ended, Borderlands 4 will likely be focused on Lilith.

Given how important the first playable Siren is to the series as a whole, a Lilith-focused narrative for Borderlands 4 makes perfect sense.

However, there could be a way to include another fan favorite Siren that many feel was killed off far too soon.Maya’s death in Borderlands 3 remains one of the most controversial elements of the divisive game, and while her send-off in Krieg’s DLC was nice, some believe it was not enough.

While resurrecting her in Borderlands 4 could feel like a cop-out and would raise questions about other characters who have died, the Star Wars franchise boasts a perfect storytelling device that could be borrowed to help bring Maya back without retconning her death.Borderlands 4 May Not Feature an Overworld, but It Can Learn Something From ItAnyone with even a passing knowledge of the Star Wars franchise will likely know about the concept of force ghosts.

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