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Black Adam Proves Nobody Respects His Ultimate Super Ability

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Warning: contains spoilers for Black Adam #1! Although he is one of DC’s premier anti-heroes, Black Adam has proven no one respects his ultimate ability.

In Black Adam #1, Adam appears before a government panel to answer for his actions on the world stage. As the senators and officials try to grill Adam, he outsmarts them at every turn–even though he is not channeling Shazam’s power.

Once a foe of Shazam and his allies, Black Adam has evolved into a brutal anti-hero, one willing to do whatever it takes to protect his home country of Khandaq and its people.

This has led Adam to commit some truly questionable acts, such as ripping a terrorist in half on television. During DC’s 52 series, Adam, angered over the death of his beloved Isis, declared war on the entire world, attacking cities and bases; it took the combined might of some of DC’s most powerful heroes to bring him down.

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