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Best characters for Calamity Queller in Genshin Impact

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Calamity Queller is a terrific 5-star Polearm that works wonderfully well with several Genshin Impact characters. This weapon has an ATK stat of 741 and a secondary ATK% stat of 16.5%.

Ergo, it's best suited for characters who really want their Attack stat to be as high as possible.This Polearm's effect also grants a 12%~24% All Elemental DMG Bonus, depending on the Refinement Level.

The rest of its passive includes more stacks to buff the wielder's ATK even higher. Most notably, its ATK buff doubles if the player is off the field, meaning off-fielders are the best candidates for this weapon.Here is a list of characters who are great with Calamity Queller in Genshin Impact:Unfortunately, the over-reliance on buffing ATK over some CRIT stats makes this Polearm more situational than other heavy hitters in this weapon class.

Nonetheless, all of the above characters can use Calamity Queller excellently as one of their better options.The only one this Polearm is BIS (Best In Slot) for is Shenhe.

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