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Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Review

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In its penultimate season 3 episode, Atlanta takes yet another detour to continue challenging the very notion of Blackness, while still finding room to talk about reverse racism and colorism.

The result is ultimately the type of dark comedy that's hard to look away from but does pose the question of just how many entries of this kind season 4 will have.“Rich wigga, poor wigga” is written and directed by Donald Glover and the entire script unarguably fits in with the tone and themes Atlanta has been pursuing this entire season, whether that happens to be in Europe or in American soil.

This time around though, Glover takes more of an arthouse approach than he ever has before, and it's not just about the entire thing being filmed in black and white as every choice in terms of music, shots, composition and its protagonist evoke that same feeling.Related: https://gamerant.com/best-tv-shows-like-atlanta/Atlanta goes colorblind only to highlight the irony that such a thing can never really exist, even when accounting for one’s best of intentions, which is what makes Aaron such a great, albeit misguided main character.

The first scene is meant to unsettle viewers, the blatantly white and Logan Paul fan Aaron is playing video games and starts trash-talking other players, things escalate a bit and he uses the n-word to taunt his opponents, he gets a message from his girlfriend regarding college admissions: she got in, he seems stressed.Once the main title rolls in, the episode reveals its true cards, Aaron is a biracial kid, his dad is Black and though it’s clear he’s explained what it means to be Black in the United States to his son, he doesn’t want his son hanging out in the wrong place or with the wrong people at the wrong

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