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Asmongold Might Stop Streaming Final Fantasy 14

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Twitch streamer Asmongold recently made his triumphant return to Final Fantasy 14. Asmongold took an extended break from the MMO despite once being one of the faces behind its surge in popularity, but has found the will (or the gap in other content) to return once more.

Yet Asmongold's return to Final Fantasy 14 is already at risk of being derailed. The Twitch streamer recently told his audience that he may even quit Final Fantasy 14 unless they get their behavior in check.What Asmongold doesn't want to happen is for his Twitch stream and his community to be overtaken by aggressiveFinal Fantasy 14 fans again.

The issue came up when Asmongold visited his Twitch channel's official subreddit, only for a significant amount ofFinal Fantasy 14 content to overtake it.

Asmongold then explains that this is just one example of how Final Fantasy 14 fans take over, also mentioning that they'll often get angry in his community if he isn't playing.Asmongold Claims He’s ‘Done’ With World of Warcraft«It's very constraining» is how Asmongold characterizes the issue, as the situation can get out of hand and suddenly everything he does is seen and judged through aFinal Fantasy 14 filter.

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