Another Crab's Treasure is a Soulslike about battling crabs

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Another Crab's Treasure is in some ways the most grimdark Soulslike yet. It's about a cute crab battling other crabs at the bottom of a colourful sea, sure, but the different shells and the weapons you and your enemies are wielding are made from trash dumping into that colourful sea by humans.

It's still cute, though. There's a reveal trailer below. I went quickly from "Aw, that crab is using a plastic straw as a sword!

How clever!" to "Oh. Yeah. Grim." As a hermit crab, you're on a mission to buy back your repossessed shell, and it's the combat along the way that causes its developers to compare it to a Soulslike.

You'll need to be carefully timing your blocks, rolling out of the way, and waiting for the right moment to stab your own piece of cutlery back in their fishy hides.

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