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AI Image Generator Shows What Elden Ring Golf Would Be Like

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A large point of discussion within the Elden Ring community is the prospect of DLC. As of right now, FromSoftware hasn't confirmed the development of DLC for Elden Ring, but given the studio's past record with additional content regarding previous titles, the possibility of Elden Ring DLC does seem somewhat likely.

Though, one fan recently gave fans a glimpse of what a Elden Ring golf DLC might look like.One particular advantage of DLC is that it has the potential to be completely divergent from the game it's based on in ways that players may not have expected.

In recent years, the Far Cry games have experimented with DLC in fairly unique ways, especially with the recent Villains DLC for Far Cry 6.

However, where Elden Ring is concerned, a certain fan has gone a rather odd direction in terms of DLC ideas for Elden Ring.Elden Ring Player Has Genius Trick for Avoiding Dungeon TrapOver on Reddit, a user named Zaiburo posted a series of images that were generated from a model generator AI called DALL-E mini, which show some semblance of what golfing in Elden Ring could look like.

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