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A full Power Drill Massacre and more are coming this year from Puppet Combo

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If you’re into low-poly, PS1-style games like I am, today’s Puppet Combo Direct stream was a dream. It’s a smorgasbord of games coming our way, both from the Godfather of lo-fi horror, Ben Cocuzza, and by way of his publishing label, Torture Star Video.

All the titles look fantastic, but let’s go from the tip to the top. It’s been listed on Steam for a hog’s age, but Stay Out of the House will finally be in the wider public’s hands in July.

Part survival horror and part “stealth immersive sim,” Stay Out of the House places you in the clutches of a deranged serial killer.

You’ll need to keep out of sight and find a way to escape his house. Rather than a straight slasher game, Stay Out of the House has you avoid traps and “The Butcher’s” family as you try to escape.

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