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8 Ways Video Games Can Help Kids with Disabilities

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It’s important for services, facilities, and schools to be inclusive, and it’s the same for video games too. There is lots of special educational needs advice about video games and how they can be used to support a child with a disability.

From physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy to learning disabilities like autism and ADHD, there is something out there that can develop your child’s skills leading to a happy and more independent life for them.This article discusses 8 ways that video games can be used to support children with disabilities…Incredibly, Professor Peter Bingham has created some video games that are designed to assist children who have cystic fibrosis with their daily respiratory therapy.

To play these games, you have to use a spirometer – as opposed to a hand-held controller. The child needs to blow into the spirometer in a certain way, and this will get the game to do different things – just as they would with a hand-held controller.

This blowing is similar to what someone with cystic fibrosis would have to do for respiratory therapy. So it’s a fun way to get your child to complete their therapy!Playing video games or games on a tablet or phone can be very calming for children with a cognitive disability such as ADHD or Autism.

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