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5 best Hero compositions for Push mode in Overwatch 2

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First-person shooter Overwatch 2, is a follow-up to Blizzard Entertainment's 2016 hero shooter Overwatch and introduces continuous cooperative shooting gameplay of a shared world for player-versus-player modes.

The reduction in team numbers from six to five in PvP games was a significant adjustment in Overwatch 2. There are several modes available for selection in the game, with Push being one of them.Push is a game mode in Overwatch 2 with a neutral objective that revolves around a robot that starts in the middle of the map and two teams battling to control it.

To move the robot into the area on the other side, each member has a twisting path they must walk down. The goal for both teams is to move the robot and barricade as far as possible; if one of them moves all the way to the finish, it’s an instant win.

There is a pre-determined time frame and if it runs out, the team with the furthest distance Push wins.If a team with a shorter distance has control or is challenging the robot when time runs out, overtime will then start.

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