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10 Most Beloved NPCs in Genshin Impact, Ranked

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There are a lot of wonderful NPCs in who are just as beloved as some of the playable characters. But whether voiced or not, each of these NPCs lacks a Vision and a unique design that would hint at them becoming playable characters in the future.

They are the (fairly) average citizens of Teyvat, who still manage to play an important role in the Traveler's adventures. Oftentimes, the best NPCs in only make an appearance in specific quests and events, such as when players speak with the animal-form adepti during 's lore-filled Lantern Rite.

Others can be found throughout the game's lore as staples of their nation. The list of the most beloved NPCs does not include any characters who could become playable in the future, meaning the Harbingers are expressly excluded, alongside gods like Cloud Retainer and Madame Ping.

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