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WWE 2K22 DLC are on sale again til February The NWO Wolfpack DLC is on sale at 17 or 18 bucks right now As a burgeoning fan of Rebellion (loved playing through Sniper Elite 4 last year and pretty excited to play Zombie Army 4 next month)… I couldn’t help but pick up Strange Brigade for £3.99 on the recent PSN sale.

Edited on by colonelkilgore Cuphead — it’s been on the wishlist forever and while I was waiting for 40% off… I folded due to how long I’ve been waiting and pulled the trigger at 30% off. @colonelkilgore Cuphead is supposed to be a tough one, just the game itself.

Can’t imagine the platinum is very easy. It’ll be a challenge, I’m sure a welcome one for you. @Th3solution for sure… there’s obviously no guarantees when you go for plats like these but it’s part of the fun.

I can’t go for these kinds of plats day-in-day-out but I do like one or two a year which force me to dig deep. Edited on by colonelkilgore Just ordered Oninaki and Lost Sphere.

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