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X-Men Teases Jean Grey & Wolverine's Fight To The Death

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This article contains spoilers for X-Men #12. New X-Men comics have teased a duel to the death between Jean Grey and Laura Kinney's Wolverine.

By now, it's something of a tradition for X-Men to go up against one another. Sometimes it's because of brainwashing, sometimes it's because of a basic misunderstanding, and often it's just because Wolverine loses his temper.

The trope of X-Man versus X-Man has inspired many of the most enjoyable versus matches. The latest round was teased at the end of X-Men #11, when a group of X-Men infiltrated Gameworld, a galactic casino encouraging punters to bet on which attempt to destroy the Earth would succeed.

Gameworld has strong defenses, including psychic ones, and it's ruled by a being somehow more disgusting than Mojo, Cordyceps Jones.

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