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Where to find Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark has a honing system that allows players to upgrade their weapons and gear to keep up with higher-level activities.Gear, which is the equivalent of armor, comes in a handful of different categories.

Players can wear the likes of hats, pauldrons, chest pieces, launchers, pants and gloves to protect their character.One resource that players need to hone their gear is Caldarr Fusion Material.

The upper gear score levels require it.Caldarr Fusion Material can be crafted or purchased from the Market. It can also be obtained by completing Welcome challenges.Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writerCrafting Caldarr Fusion Material is a bit time-consuming, but it is definitely the most cost-effective way to obtain it.

Players can gather the required ingredients and craft the item in their Stronghold.This Tier 2 equipment item will help players get their gear from a 600 score all the way up to 1100.

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