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Watch: German Twitch streamer openly uses cheats in League of Legends

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Logtube_, a German Twitch streamer, recently made waves by flagrantly showing off his scripts and cheats while playing as Xerath.

The streamer, allegedly a Grand Master ranked player, not only showed cheats while playing League of Legends, but stated that it was on purpose.

The streamer further claimed that he wouldn't get banned on Twitch. Exhibiting no fear of his actions, he carried on playing.Expressing no fear, the League of Legends Twitch streamer was cheating throughout his match as Xerath.

One viewer asked if the streamer knew about the script being visible, to which the latter replied in negative.Logtube_ also pointed out that he wouldn't get banned on Twitch, only using Twitch chat as opposed to speaking in voice.

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