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“Summit!” - JakenBakeLIVE meets a Summit1G lookalike at a South Korean music festival

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IRL Twitch star JakenBakeLIVE had the time of his life in South Korea as he attended a music festival during a recent livestream.JakenBake was joined by fellow Twitch content creator Cooksux, and both had a merry time listening and dancing to music at the festival.

While they were at it, Jake noticed an individual who looked seemingly familiar to Jaryd, "Summit1G".The American livestreamer reached out to greet the person and addressed him as:Jake gets up close with several streamer doppelgangers during his South Korean IRL streams.

Not too long ago, on June 24, Jake spotted an individual who shared an uncanny resemblance to one of the most famous FPS gamers and streamers, Michael "Shroud."Earlier today, the 31-year-old Twitch content creator hosted a 12-hour-long broadcast and documented his latest IRL journey.

The streamer had planned on visiting a music festival with Cooksux.Jake and Cooksux were having a casual conversation about cars and other things when the former panned his camera to an individual who looked similar to Summit1G.Jake reached out to the passer-by and greeted him by saying:(Timestamp: 10:38:24)The individual was visibly puzzled but was sporting enough to carry on with the conversation and happily reciprocated with a handshake.

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