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"I might just do that" - xQc agrees to fight El Rubius in the boxing ring under some conditions

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The streaming community was in for a treat when Spanish YouTuber El Rubius called out and challenged Twitch sensation Felix "xQc" during Ibai’s La Velada del Año II boxing event.Rubius made a feature appearance at Ibai's boxing event and expressed his keenness to box Felix at Boxing Fight 3, which is scheduled to be hosted next year.A translation of El Rubius' statement was provided by a Reddit user u/zevx1234 when the former stated:Felix reacted to Rubius' call to action and mentioned that he was up for the fight:The French-Candian streamer hosted a gaming stream earlier today, and right at the onset, fans began telling Felix to watch and react to El Rubius' challenge.

xQc wanted to know about the conditions that the Spanish content creator had set up for the brawl:Fellow Twitch content creator Pokelawls was present in a voice call and asked Felix if he was interested in taking up the fight, and the latter confirmed that he might do so.The former Overwatch pro continued with the conversation and stated that he has some basic conditions to fight Rubius:(Timestamp: 00:04:03)Pokelawls interrupted and claimed that the boxing fight would be "so easy" since Rubius would copy all the moves Felix would make in the ring.xQc then mentioned that he needs to train for a bit to get back in shape for the event:The 26-year-old gamer concluded the response by adding that he would be ready to fight if both personalities underwent the same conditions of not training aside from some basic physical exercise:The Twitch star did not waste any more time and began playing Fall Guys.The YouTube comments section instantly started to fill up with fan reactions, and several fans were hyped for the upcoming event.For those unaware, El Rubius is a

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