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Mario Strikers: Battle League Review

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Nintendo has been making Mario sports games for decades, with some proving to be quite popular. Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 earned widespread critical acclaim at the time of its release, as did Mario Golf.

Reactions to Mario sports games have been more lukewarm in recent years for a variety of reasons, with the recently released Mario Strikers: Battle League being another example of a Mario sports game that fails to live up to the high bar set by its predecessors.Mario Strikers: Battle League is Nintendo's third attempt at a Mario soccer game, following the GameCube's Super Mario Strikers and the Wii's Mario Strikers Charged.

Mario Strikers: Battle League brings the series to the Nintendo Switch, and while the core gameplay can be plenty fun, there's not nearly enough content to keep fans engaged with the game for the long-term.Mario Strikers: Battle League features 10 characters from the Super Mario franchise and has them compete on the soccer pitch.

Like other Mario sports games, the Mushroom Kingdom's version of soccer isn't quite as straightforward as the real-world sport.

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