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Vampire Survivors got a great quality-of-life feature (and a secret novelty character)

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Patch 0.7.3 for Vampire Survivors is out today, and you know what that means: more characters, weapons, relics, Arcanas, and achievements to unlock.

I’ve never fought so hard to maintain 100 percent completion in a game, but that just goes to show how quickly these updates are coming.

I grind and grind, and the developers grind right back. This trailer is a nice hazy attention-grabber, and I’ve got specifics below. Characters Relics Arcanas Tweaks and fixes After highlighting a fan-made evolution chart, it’s nice to see that in the game proper.

I’m about 50 hours into Vampire Survivors and I still need to double-check some of them. In a Steam post, the creator of Vampire Survivors, poncle, spoke about the growing team. “We had a team for some time now, but I’m taking the opportunity to talk about it only now that one more developer, David, is finally joining me in working full time on the current version of the game.

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