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The Wreck explores an impactful story about finding the right words, moving on, and processing trauma

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In The Wreck, protagonist Junon is having what can only be described as an incredibly tough day. Her estranged mother is in hospital, and, worse still, she's unknowingly been signed up as her mother's advocate to make decisions in her stead if something serious happens.

This would be a lot for anyone to process, but I get to see first-hand how Junon tries to digest this news, which is being delivered by a resident nurse.

With a window into Junon's thoughts, I can see and hear her inner monologue as she reacts from moment to moment. Certain interactive words pop up, made distinguishable thanks to their red color, and when I click on them, Junon elaborates on that train of thought.

This allows me to dig deeper to learn more about her, but it can also open up the way for more dialogue responses to deal with the conversation with the nurse.

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