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The Strongest Sith Lords in Star Wars Video Games

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The Star Wars expanded universe is, infamously, a bit of a mixed bag. While the likes of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy, the Rogue Squadron book series, and the 2003 Clone Wars animated show are some of the best the beloved Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchise has to offer, there are at least three pieces of expanded Star Wars media that fail to deliver the same magic as the source material for every good book or show.

Thankfully, the video game side of things has always been pretty solid.For four decades now, Star Wars video games have managed to capture the essence of the iconic universe remarkably well, with some of the best games acting as an extension of the story, adding countless lore tidbits, new characters, new worlds, and new themes, but all while remaining very much a Star Wars product.

Some of the best new additions to the Star Wars universe have been the pantheon of Sith Lords, stretching across the Old Republic era all the way up to the days of the Imperial Remnant.

Although most aren't canon anymore, they're still some of the most powerful beings in the entire Star Wars universe.The Strongest Jedi in Star Wars Video GamesIn the Star Wars universe, it's usually the case that a Sith Lord was once a Jedi.

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