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The Sandman’s Dream doesn’t show much emotion — that’s what his friends are for

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The first time we see the dream lord show much emotion in Netflix’s The Sandman adaptation is for a bird named Jessamy. [Ed.

note: This post contains slight spoilers for the first episode of The Sandman season 1.] Having already been held captive by humans for many years, he had mostly sat in his bubble prison, brooding and waiting for his release.

But when Jessamy shows up he briefly emotes: a flicker of a hopeful smile, then hot, angry tears when she gets shot in front of him. “The savagery of my captors bespoke a world whose dreams in my absence turned darker still,” Dream’s voice-over tells us.

He continues to stare, steely and cold, unresponsive and unwilling to talk at all. It’s a stance he’ll take throughout much of the series, a cool and sullen goth who walks as lightly as he displays emotions.

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