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The New Hulk vs Thor is Officially Their Most Intense Battle in History

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Warning: contains spoilers forHulk vs. Thor: Banner of War Alpha #1! Marvel's Thor and the Incredible Hulk, while allies and Avengers, frequently fight one another in the comics — and this time, the two are holding nothing back.

Easily two of the strongest Avengers on the team, Hulk and Thor are often called in by their teammates as a 'nuclear option' when even the combined might of the other heroes isn't enough to stop the threat in question.

But in Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War Alpha #1, the classic Marvel characters fight once again — this time for keeps. Both Thor and the Hulk have experienced immense trauma in recent comic book stories.

Bruce Banner controls the Hulk like a starship: the Hulk serves as the body, Banner controls the mind from within, and the Hulk's rage is the power source.

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