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The Lord Of The Rings Unreal Engine 5 Fan Trailer Has Got Us Wanting The Game

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Has the upcoming Rings of Power series got you eager to dive back into Tolkien’s world? Well, picture this: it’s the next big game showcase and the screen suddenly displays a familiar round door nestled into a hill.

You are then treated to a trailer for a new Lord of The Rings game made completely in Unreal Engine 5. While that game doesn’t exist, you can check out an amazing concept trailer that will make you wish it did.

YouTube channel Enfant Terrible has uploaded a fan-made concept trailer for a Lord of the Rings game. The trailer uses reels and footage from various artists to bring Middle Earth to life in Unreal Engine 5.

Viewers are transported across the fantasy world to iconic locations from the film and book series. From the Tower of Mordor to the Shire, the stunning visuals make you want to grab a controller and dive in.

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